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Meet L.D. Zane

L.D. served seven years in the Navy from 1968 to 1975, which included five years aboard nuclear-powered, Fast Attack submarines. His first submarine mission was an under-ice expedition to the North Pole — an adventure few will ever experience.

L.D.’s life is quieter now. He is retired and has been devoting more time to writing novels and short stories — something he didn't start until his early 60s.


He resides with his wife in the town of his birth — a small city in southeastern Pennsylvania known for its steel, textile machine manufacturing industries, and pretzel bakeries.

His short stories have been published in over two dozen literary journals. L.D. is a member of the Bold Writers and has had several public readings at Albright College, Reading, PA. 

Read about his latest anthology, It's Always My Fault, published by Pretzel City Press LLC.

To purchase It's Always My Fault, click here.

View L.D. Zane's Publishing Bio.

Why Does L.D. Write?

“I believe all stories — like people — have a destiny. They both end the way they’re supposed to.”

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