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"be careful what you wish for..."

Albert Jackson Heller, better known as ‘Jaks,’ is an angry man. He is dogged in his pursuit of vengeance. His uncontrollable rage continues to sabotage his life through his tour in Vietnam, several failed marriages, doomed business ventures, and an estranged relationship with his daughter — his only child. After hitting rock bottom and falling into homelessness, Jaks Heller readily accepts an unexpected offer to become an assassin for one very important, mysterious, compelling client.

He performs his errands, as he calls them, with machine-like precision and efficiency, and lives well, believing he is in total control of his life. But one murder he committed a dozen years earlier now haunts him. Jaks starts having doubts about what, and why, it is he is doing. He wants out. He wants to un-become everything he has become...  

City Reflection

- Aesop's Fables

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