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It's Always My Fault

L.D. Zane is a writer who patrols the DMZ of life, alternately fearless and fearful, ever ruthlessly honest. His characters echo landscapes he’s intimately familiar with—from the family home and city streets of Pennsylvania, to the anguished rivers of Vietnam. These stories pull the reader into real-life skirmishes and battles, joys and revelations, embedded in human relationships.

-- Marian Frances Wolbers, Albright College  

As the title story “It’s Always My Fault” indicates, this collection encourages one to look for an ironic and slightly anarchic tone.  You will not be disappointed when the rapid-fire dialogue and precise word choice delivers a consistent style and form. Each story in its own way contributes to this unique voice that can be enjoyed and remembered.

-- Cathryn Clinton, Author of  The CallingA Stone in My Hand, and other novels

I enjoyed every one, especially "It Happened Over Coffee... and a Bagel" and "As If." Should be required reading.

-- Beverly S., Reader from Fort Wayne, Indiana

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stories by beverage:

A companion tongue-in-cheek list of imbibing suggestions for readers.

It's Always My Fault – Beer (Out of the bottle, and preferably not of the "light" variety) 


Driving Lessons – Harvey Wallbanger


It Happened Over Coffee...and a Bagel – Manhattan 


Benjamin Stahlman, Scholar – Merlot (Out of a box) 


Wooden Statements – Hard Apple Cider


The Box – Gin and Tonic


Separated at Birth – Dirty Martini


I Thought Death Would Be Fun – White Russian


As If – Sloe Gin


Done with Crazy – Irish Coffee


Where's the Cow? – Boone's Farm (Your choice of flavor) 


Solomon's Shadow – Vodka


Combustible – Irish or Scotch Whiskey (Pick your poison) 


Kintsugi – Sake

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