Short Stories

sixty days in the hole

Printed in The Writing Disorder in Winter 2020

At the Supermarket

how to make a violin cry

Printed in The MacGuffin in Fall 2020


singled out

Printed in The Deadly Writers Patrol in June 2020

Anthology - It's Always My Fault  Pic of

it happened over coffee... and a bagel

Printed in the Evening Street Review in August 2018

Shop Window

tuna melt

with a side of grief

Printed in Causeway Lit in May 2018


national hippo day

Printed in Five:2:One in December 2017

Blue Plush Toy Hippo


Printed in Philadelphia Stories in June 2017


Benjamin stahlman, 


Printed in Evening Street Review in April / May 2017

Studying in a Library

separated at birth

Printed in Cobalt Review in May 2016


done with crazy

Printed in Potluck Mag in April 2016

driving lessons

Printed in Pour Vida Zine in Winter 2016

Winding Road


Printed in Indiana Voice Journal in February 2016


the picnic

Printed in Drunk Monkeys in January 2016


as if

Printed in Slippery Elm in January 2016


where's the cow?

Printed in Indiana Voice Journal in January 2016

wooden statements

Printed in The Furious Gazelle in December 2015


Printed in The Writing Disorder in June 2015

river of revenge

Printed in Red Fez in April 2015

one out of three

Printed in Indiana Voice Journal in March 2015

solomon's shadow

Printed in Red Fez in February 2015