L.D. Zane enjoys hosting public readings for various groups, from college courses to book clubs. If you are interested in having him speak at your event or for your organization, please feel free to contact him!

Upcoming Events:

L.D. Zane will be reading "I Thought Death Would Be Fun" to students at Albright College on Thursday, May 13th at 1 PM. Keep an eye out for photos and highlights from the reading!

Recent Events:

In December, L.D. Zane read the following short stories to Communities Assisting Military Personnel for Veterans (CAMP V), a Veterans outreach group located in Tyler, Texas: "Driving Lessons" and "The Box." Watch it here.

L.D. Zane participated in a Q&A and readings of “It Happened Over Coffee and a Bagel” and "National Hippo Day" with the Spring Township Library. View it here.

L.D. Zane was live on BCTV in October. Local historian and Professor at Albright CollegeDr. John Pankratz

interviewed the author and enjoyed a reading of one of his short stories. Watch the full show here.


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